As an education it’s important to give your students the possibility  to let them create something that they can use after they graduated.
Especially as an make-up artist or designer an portfolio is really important, also make-up is so different on a camera than in real life.
Do you want to let your students train with an eye for some good photography make-up? Than this is totally for you.
Or do you want to give your students a discount on some good quality images? You can ask for the possibility’s for your students.

Practising lesson / Exam

Exams are really important, and as an education you want some good images where you can see what the student get in him or her.
And it’s also really nice to have some good work to start off right after your education. Really want your students to learn work with studio lightning?
Than is this the package for you.


As an education sometimes you just need to advice your students about the photography or work.
When I started photography they always learned me that you have to start with paid work to get some real good images.
It’s important to start with some good work instead of starting from scratch. This is totally the package for you if you start right after school with being a muah or designer.



Practice Lesson / Exam - 20,- 

- 1 Picture each student
- From 10 students tailor-made offer

- Excl. Travel cost

- 20,- excl. tax each student. 

Portfolio - 150,- 

- 4 Pictures
- Possibility to use a model/make-up artist
- In the studio. 

150,- excl. tax

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