Make-up artist

Make-up is really important for different occasions, so when you go to a wedding fair you want your make-up to stand out.
If you want your brand to get some new customers you will need to have some stunning pictures to stand out at brands.
Also like the models, your portfolio should look as your ideal customer.


Just want a basic portfolio upgrade? This is the set for you.
You get 2 pictures each look, which is really important if you want a close-up and a more portrait vibe.
At this package you need to buy at least two looks, but more is also possible. You can ask for those prices at the quotation tab.

Portfolio Extra:

Just starting out and need some awesome content to attract possible customers?
This is the packaging for you. I will help you to find the right model for your shoot according to your moodboard.
At this package you will receive 4 pictures.



Portfolio - 75,- 

- 2 Pictures each look
- Minimal of 2 looks
- Excl. model

75,- each look excl. tax

Portfolio Extra - 175,- 

- 4 Pictures

- Including model

175,- Excl. tax 

Not what you looking for? Just press the Quotation button to ask for a tailer-made offer.