Beauty Photography

Capturing the details of your product is very important in beauty photography.
I think the beauty of beauty photography is that you can very much focus on how the product works,
and I think capturing that one gloss or clean line of the product is very challenging and fun to do.
Beauty photography is possible from € 175 excl. VAT.

– 1 High end retouched image.
– Shoot for at least one hour.



Hair Photography

Hair photography has a huge challenge, hairdressers are happy to make sure that the hairstyle is the way they imagine it,
I make sure in the post-processing that the image that you have in mind becomes exactly as you intended.
For photographing imaging for your salon or a competition such as the Coiffure Awards,
in recent years I have been allowed to photograph for various hairdressers.
Hair photography is possible from € 650 excl. VAT

– 4 High end retouched images.
– Shoot for 6 hours. (After 6 hours the hour rate will be used)



Commercial Photography

Shooting a campaign makes me incredibly enthusiastic, it just has a different feel than a lookbook.
The image must make as large an impression as possible on your client,
I shoot through the tether method so that you can immediately see if the image fits the vision of your brand.
Together we look at the unique points of your brand and translate that into a commercial image that helps to sell the product.
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Hour rate: € 69,- p/h excl. vat.

Photo with only color correction €10,00 excl. vat
Photo with a full retouch (including skin) €17,50 excl. vat.

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