1.1 These Terms and Conditions apply to all legal relationships between the photographer and the customer, as well as all offers, offers and agreements.
1.2 Terms imposed by the customer who differ or not appear in these terms and conditions are binding only if the photographer has accepted it in writing.


2.1 Quotations are entirely free of charge, unless expressly stated otherwise. The photographer has the right to cancel this offer up to two working days after receipt of acceptance.
2.2 The offer made in the quotation is valid until 14 days after the date of dispatch.
2.3 All amounts mentioned by the photographer include VAT, unless otherwise agreed.
2.4 When the customer accepts the offer, this must be communicated to the photographer in writing. If the customer neglects, but agrees or at least gives the impression, the offer is considered accepted.


3.1 After acceptance of the contract, the agreement can only be amended with mutual consent. The photographer is entitled in this case to adjust the price as agreed.
3.2 The photographer may refuse an assignment if upon acceptance of the assignment new information becomes available that makes the execution of the assignment unacceptable.


4.1 The photographer will perform the assignment to the best of the best in the style and quality in which the photographer usually works.
4.2 The photographer has the right to execute anything that is not expressly defined in an agreement to his own technical and creative insight.
4.3 If the photographer is likely to have incurred higher costs and / or made more work, which was reasonably necessary, these costs and / or this additional work for consideration by the customer will also be considered.


The photographer is not liable for any damage that has arisen for the customer unless there is gross negligence or intent on the part of the photographer. The liability is in any case limited to the amount of the invoice amount, or, when and insofar as there is an insured loss, to the amount of the amount paid under the insurance.


6.1 The photographer delivers the photos in high resolution jpeg files. The photographer does not deliver unprocessed original photos to the customer.
6.2 The photographer will only use estimated delivery times, unless otherwise agreed.


7.1 After the report to the customer, the photographer will send a (digital) invoice for the amount due by the customer.
7.2 The customer will check the photographer’s bill for inaccuracies. If the customer has not rejected the invoice in writing and returned to the photographer within 5 working days of the invoice date, the invoice will be binding and expires the right of the customer to object.
7.3 The invoice will be fully paid by the customer within 14 days of shipment. The customer receives the pictures after payment is made. The customer transfers the amount to the photographer’s bill.
7.4 Delivery of pictures, digital files do not happen before the full payment has been made by the customer.
7.5 If an invoice is not paid within the payment period, the customer is owed the legal interest and collection charges on the outstanding invoice amount.
7.6 For the finalization of the photo shoot, a deposit of 25% of the total amount must be made.


8.1 The photographer works with a calibrated display for optimal color operations. It is possible that the customer may display the color or brightness of the pictures on his / her display if the display is not calibrated.
8.2 The photographer is not responsible for any color and clarity of a third-party product, and is not responsible when a photo product differs from the color and clarity shown on an uncalibrated display. In this case, the customer is not entitled to a new product, refund of the payment or any other consideration.
8.3 The photographer is not responsible for the quality of photo prints or photo products made by the customer or third parties other than those used or recommended by the photographer.


9.1 The customer can only cancel the assignment in writing.
9.2 In case of cancellation of the agreement, the following terms and conditions apply:
• After booking 25% of the total amount due
• If the appointment is canceled less than 24 hours in advance, the full amount must be paid.
9.3 In the event of a portrait or company report that the photographer is unable to pass on personally


10.1 Complaints about the performance of the agreement must be submitted to the photographer in writing within 5 working days of the invoice date. Complaints about delivered products must be submitted in writing to the photographer within 5 working days of receipt.
10.2 Complaints that arrive after 5 working days are not considered.
10.3 The payment obligation remains, even when a complaint has been lodged.


11.1 The photographer will always own all photos.
11.2 The customer authorizes the photographer to use the customer’s made photographs for promotional purposes on the Internet (such as blog, portfolio, social media and other websites) and in print (such as business cards and flyers). The customer will not receive any compensation or refund.
11.3 The customer should always use some form of naming when publishing the pictures on social media channels or elsewhere on the internet.
11.4 It is not permitted to place digital files on the Internet in another operation (cutouts, collages, colors, contrast, etc.) than they were provided by the photographer.
11.5 The customer is not allowed to send digital files to photo competitions without the express written permission and name of the photographer.
11.6 The customer is not allowed to send digital files to third party suppliers or third parties for the purpose of commercial use without the express written permission and naming of the photographer.
11.7 In the event of infringement of this copyright, the photographer will charge the usual license fee for such a case three times in compensation for the damage suffered.


12.1 The photographer reserves the right to use the photographs taken for their own promotional purposes as described in section 2 of the Copyright Copyright. If the customer does not want to see a specific photo online again, this can be communicated to the photographer in writing.
12.2 Institutions, organizations or persons who find that posted pictures in some way harm their identity or, on the other hand, may report on reasonable grounds. The photographer will remove these photographs, if the reasons are explained by her, remove the site from the site.
12.3 Exceptional agreements are stipulated in writing.


The photographer will in no way disclose personal information (email, telephone, etc.) as known to her or disclose to third parties.


14.1 The photographer reserves the right to amend or supplement these terms and conditions.
14.2 The photographer reserves the right to correct or otherwise change the information on the website at any time.
14.3 Despite the extreme concern that the photographer has devoted to the correctness and completeness of the website, no rights can be derived from the information posted on this website.


15.1 In all cases, in which the photographer disclaims a provision in these terms and conditions, the remaining provisions shall remain in force.
15.2 All legal relationships between the photographer and the customer are governed by Dutch law.

By doing a photoshoot at Jasmijn Bult Photography you automatically agree with the terms and conditions.